Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.4.0 Rev 2 - Chests, Beds, Creepers & Food -Episode 94 Puppet Hound Z

You've begged for it and it's finally out 0.4.0 Revision 2 update review of the Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS and Android. This episode will feature all the good, the bad and very little ugly feature updates and bugs for the Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Here is a list of some of the features this new update includes (see full change-log here):
  • Chests
  • Beds
  • Creepers
  • Farming
  • Longer Days
  • Food and health system
  • bug fixes and much more!
Check out the full review in full below:

I do want to also apologize for such a late release of this particular review. But due to my busy schedule and then also going on a White Rock Canyon Hiking adventure, which can be seen in the last video we did prior to this we were unable to film and release this episode review until now.

Please understand that the Puppet Hound Z Show is a variety channel featuring many different themes that don't focus exclusively on Minecraft which include: Video games (ie PS3, PC, iOS and more), PC/Software tutorials, various tech tip videos, and Travel Adventure Tours.

I also would like to conclude by thanking all 1100+ subscribers for your amazing support. You all who continue to support my channel and all it's content is why I continue to make YouTube content for you.

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Update 10/9/2012: BLOOPERS!!!!