PS Vita 3G/Wifi Unboxing, Features Overview, Protection Tips & Review

People debate as to why Vita games are so expensive and compare them a lot to iOS and Android Devices. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

Most mobile games aside from Minecraft Pocket Edition really deserve to be expensive. For example if I were able to play Minecraft PC version on a Mobile Device with all the PC modding perks I would feel compelled to spend $30 Dollars. Why? Because I know I am getting a solid good quality gaming product that will last us a long time.

Mobile games in iOS and Android feel half baked, in other words it may have great graphics and sound quality on the retina display (ie Apple's iPhone 5 or New iPad, but the game-play will lack in depth story and diverse well thought out game-play. Most of these games are highly designed for a five minute break or to show off the technical power of the mobile device. But hardcore gamers or enthusiasts like myself use my phone for it’s sole purpose, a phone and productivity device, such as email and organizing. In most cases you get what you paid for, cheep = cheep, high price = quality.

Which is why I want a PS Vita it’s a good quality product with diversity and PlayStation Mobile support which will bring a cheaper market to the Vita too. For now, it’s quality over quantity and hardcore gameing over cost so I’m happy with that. Now this may not be for everyone but it's what I feel creates a great mobile gaming product that I need.

The PS Vita 3G/Wifi bundle inlcudes:
  • Powercord
  • USB to Vita cable.
  • 8Gb memory card (30 bucks)
  • 2nd month free of minimum At&T service which you get after paying for the first month (15 bucks) 
  • Free game after 1st month of purchased Service  (Super Stardust Delta 10 Bucks)
  • 2 free months of Music Unlimited included with all Vitas (20 bucks)
  • Update 11/21/2012: As of the update to the PlayStation Vita to version 2.00 introduces:
    • Internet Browser updated to feature full HTML5 support (excluding Video/Audio)
    • Email app
    • PlayStation Plus (ie, PS Vita integrates seamlessly with your PS3 Plus account with no additional Cost!

The video below features Puppet Hound Z's unboxing, first impressions, overview of features and cool tips for long term protection.

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