Puppet Hound Z Show Epic 2nd Year Anniversary - Montage - Episode 96 - Puppet Hound Z

This week marks the 2nd year anniversary of the creation of the Puppet Hound Z Show. There have have been a lot changes to the channel over the past year. This past year marks the our first audio recorded interview ever on the Puppet Hound Z Show which started with a great brief interview with Uncharted 3's Co-Lead Game Designer Richard Lemarchand at Minecon 2011, followed by meeting Notch and the creators of Minecraft, to our first audio interview on Little Big Planet 2 with creator GMoneyProductions29 aka Grant1893 on PSN, to our interview with indie-game Artist & Animator Jon Schubbe of the PS3/PC/MAC game Closure and finally our first Cinematic Let's Play of the Story of Gorgoth series (2 Seasons worth) with YouTuber: Minecraft4Meh.

We also have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! We are planning to work on a 3 to 4 part mini-series in the Puppet Hound Z Show that will take Z on an amazing adventure to exotic locations in the USA. It will be staring Puppet Hound Z, Announcer Guy and a few of the Monsters you've seen in secret endings of the past  years episodes. To be able to make the film with higher quality production value and unique story we will NOT be able to release any videos for the next few months in attempt to film this series with the utmost amount of creativity we can muster. This will bring the Puppet Hound Z show to unique locations and for the first time ever feature unique story-lines never seen before on my channel.

I hope you all continue to remain subscribed to my channel and to stay in touch via the comments section of our videos and Channel and/or keep in direct contact with us on Twitter: @PuppetHoundZ. These will be the primary ways to stay in contact with us. Plus we will be uploading a few vlog updates every now and then as we find the time.

PLUS! Don't forget to check out our epic Montage of the past year below!

As a cool reminder you can DOWNLOAD a free wallpaper of Announcer Guy here be sure to click on the picture:

Below is last years epic picture of Puppet Hound Z by Artist: SnowOrchid. I hope you enjoy it.

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Now I can't afford any giveaways but what I can promise is that I will continue to interact with you all on the comments section on my Twitter: @Puppethoundz And feel free to add my on PSN: ZHX1138. Not to mention that I will be continuing the Puppet Hound Z Show as long as I can possibly do the show so as long as I have time to make the episodes for you to enjoy. So keep in touch and we will be back in 2013 with our epic and fun update to the Puppet Hound Z Show.

As always I would like to thank all of my current 1200+ subscribers for your amazing support of my channel. It's you the viewers that I enjoy making content for so I hope you all continue to enjoy them.

with thanks,

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Update: 11/26/2012 here is the Behind the Scenes Bloopers and Update on what's going on the Puppet Hound Z Show.