PS Vita City Slicker by WaterField Review & Epic Update! - Episode 97 - Puppet Hound Z

Yes, Z's alive and well and were still making videos when we can! Whew! Now with that said, this weeks episode features a review of the PlayStation Vita City Slicker bag by: Water Field.

Many people like me have been trying to find a nicely designed, durable and fashionable bag that doesn't come off like a Batman Utility Case or a 1980's retro sci-fi bag that can't seem to fit anywhere. Well after a lot of research and asking around from friends I've found the: PlayStation Vita City Slicker bag by Water Field. It's a really elegant case/bag for the PS Vita that's made of high quality materials like leather and ballistic nylon (used in bullet proof vests).

Check out WaterField's website @

Check out the video below to see the full review and even the updated news on the creation of the Adventure movie on the Puppet Hound Z Show. I know the production on the adventure series had been a little slower than all my other videos combined, but I assure you it's going to be worth it. See the video once again to learn more!

On a sad note: I will not be doing anymore Minecraft Pocket Edition Updates because as we all know updates keep coming and as of the last video update review I did the game got farming and many other enhancements but now the game is turning into a full fledged replica of the PC version on a smaller scale. With that said it's a great game and I hope my videos up to this point have encouraged you to keep playing it or even buy the game if you haven't already. My current dream is that Minecraft PE or some form of the game gets released onto PS Vita. If Minecraft ends up on the Vita I will do another review in the future on that.

Thank you all 1420+ subscriber thus far for all of you're support of my channel and videos. I know there have been a lot of changes but I appreciate all those who have stayed with me thus far.

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Update 4/18/2013: Here are the bloopers (They will be live starting from 4/23/13):