Where is Puppet Hound Z? Will there be Future episodes? & More Questions!

When are you going to release a new video? Where is Puppet Hound Z? Will there be future episodes? Are you done with YouTube? These are all the questions that I've been asked over and over again. I'll address each question accordingly over this blog article.

Filming at Universal Studios

When are going to release a video?

Short answer, I don't know but as soon as I can.

 Long answer, I currently have two videos in the making. One that's already been filmed and a second that needs green screen footage filmed. Both are in the process of being edited. They are both very unique episodes that have been in the works as goals for a long time and I feel will be a great accomplishment to me as a YouTuber and Film maker.

If you didn't know I do all the videos completely on my own with very little help other then grip work from NoCookies4You when filming green screen and making props. These videos in may cases take up to 30 hours to complete per episode. Also, this means I won't really be doing a montage video this year as we've only released only a few videos compared to last year sadly, I'm sorry.

Filming At Grand Canyon.

Where is Puppet Hound Z and that epic project you were talking about?

Some of you may know from both my twitter posts and also my communications on PlayStation Network that I've been very busy with my real life. Since the 2nd Anniversary video my intention is to do an small adventure series that will most likely span 5 short episodes making a sort of movie version of the Puppet Hound Z Show.

Is Z Dead?

Now Puppet Hound Z himself is doing well and he's not dead. He's just moving along with other thing as I'm him too. We are the same person of course. LOL. (He's in Stasis like Gordon Freeman LOL)

Are you done with YouTube?

No. But changes in my life over the past year have had a role in the ability for me to create episodes regularly. I've actually gotten a good job that's significantly more substantial priority in my life along with amazing opportunities to use my skills in Architecture. Unfortunately, I don't revolve my life around YouTube rather my life revolves around real-life things like family, my job and my personal long term goals in life that has nothing to do with YouTube.

Just as an example, this past weekend I spent the whole two days working with a team of men and women who volunteer there time in the Architectural & Engineering Design fields. Together we generate a complete set of work prints for the building of various Kingdom Halls in the Las Vegas Valley. This along with the College I work at Monday through Friday and other responsibilities takes up a lot of time. So the spare time I get is very minimal and remains on me attempting to recharge and stay physically fit. Then once all that's done I try to find time to work on PHZ Show which results mostly on working on that on Sundays when I have the day free for a few hours (which has sadly not been happening for nearly a year).

Why is your YouTube Channel now called: Kaleb Fabsik Channel?

It's as a result of YouTube's effort to completely integrate Google+ with how YouTube works, I had to decide to create sub account as a "Google Page" or completely integrate my YouTube channel with my personal profile (ie. Blogger.com's blogs have done the same thing). In the effort to continue to stay up to date with YouTube and it's constant update of features and since Puppet Hound Z is owned and invented by me, it should rightfully be declared as my own property publicly on YouTube.

New website Branding.

So I would like to request the patients and support of all my viewers to not give up on me as I strive to bring you all great content when I can find the time. And please, please, please if you want to stay up to date on what I do and the news and progress on my videos follow me on Twitter: @PuppetHoundZ (This is my primary outlet to you viewers, it's very easy for me to manage and it's the only Twitter I account I own.) 

with thanks,

Kaleb Fabsik
Announcer Guy
Puppet Hound Z

PS: Update 7/1/2014: There is a new episode coming soon. I've filmed the Grand Canyon one already as mentioned and finished two out of three videos that will be release in a month or two. Stay tuned on my twitter! Please understand that I all you viewers and I know you're counting on me =D

PSS: Update 7/21/2014: The announcement video comes out tomorrow 7/22/2014. There will be a new blog article on the video and also I'll post the video to this page as well to keep this one up to date on what's going on with my channel.

PSSS: Update 7/22/2014: The new announcement video is out also check out the new blog article about it here:
New Grand Canyon Episode Coming, Channel Update & Charlotte Seeker Video Game News- Puppet Hound Z