New Grand Canyon Episode Coming, Channel Update & Charlotte Seeker Video Game News- Puppet Hound Z

Hi everyone it's Kaleb Fabsik of the Puppet Hound Z Show. I'm here to announce the release of a new episode that has finally been completed on my channel: "The Grand Canyon Adventure of the Southern Rim". In my effort to get you all up to date here is an announcement video below this blog update that will inform you of all the things that have been happening on the newly branded Kaleb Fabsik channel which hosts the amazing Puppet Hound Z Show.

Here is when each video will be released (I'll update this page with links when it comes out):
  • "Grand Canyon Adventure of the Southern Rim"- Sunday August 17, 2014 (8/17/2014)
  • "Bloopers and Behind the Scenes of Grand Canyon Adventure of the Southern Rim - Sunday August 31, 2014 (8/31/2014)

Long story short. I'm not able to do the amount of videos I used to do due to changes in my life but I'm releaseing this epic episode along with other episode in the future. (For more Details Watch the video and Read: Where is Puppet Hound Z? Will there be Future episodes? & More Questions!)

Secondly, I would like to give a shout out to RandomTask3000 aka (Spencer Reidel). Spencer Reidel is a YouTuber that has done some really nice videos with his puppet known as Duncan on his RandomTask3000 YouTube channel. He's known for making great music in his videos and even went to school in video game design and music design. I've been keeping an eye on him to the point where he contacted me about a big project that he's become a part of known as: Charlotte Seeker.

Charlotte Seeker is a indie game created by: Joseph Hogwood, Dan Hernbrott, TNERB and Spencer Reidel (aka RandomTask3000.). It's a top down 2D retro rogue like shooter in a sci-fi setting. It's a great game and there is a free demo available (No longer availible for demo).

Also please stay in touch with me on Twitter: @PuppetHoundZ

This is the best way to stay up to date with me! If not you will feel like I'm not around, I'm sure you don't want that =D


Kaleb Fabsik
Creator of the Puppet Hound Z Show
(aka the guy who does absolutely everything all on his own to make the show for you =D)