Grand Canyon Adventure of the Southern Rim- Episode 98- Puppet Hound Z

The Grand Canyon an awe inspiring location bound to make you question the of the origin or meaning of life. It's a location that I've been wanting to do an episode of the Puppet Hound Z Show for years. Now after nearly a year and a half of work I'm able to realize my goal. This episode marks a technical and visual triumph that I've finally been able to release on my channel and even though I don't have many viewers as other YouTubers or as much time as they do, I've been able to muster up my spare time and energy to release this amazing video to all of you.

I'm sure may of you viewers wonder how much work goes into an episode like this, especially since I haven't been able to release videos on a regular basis like I used to do in previous years. So I figured I dedicate this blog on the amount of work and detail that has gone into creating this amazing work.


The Video Started off as as idea that I wish I could someday accomplish. But then my family and I decided to go on a trip to the Grand Canyon and then the ball started rolling. Once it was decided to go I did some research on the park and created an outline.


Equipped with the outline I planned on what I wanted to film and what historical facts I wanted to cover. Then we went on the trip around April 2013. We spent two days filming at the Grand Canyon in between sight seeing and enjoying myself with my family. Usually I act, voice and film all in a single take while I do scenes that have Puppet Hound Z in the shot. My Mother or Father will help press the button for the recording. In two cases I had my Dad perform Z looking around as I film a shot with a lot of steady movement. Other shots I took without Puppet Hound Z in the shot of just scenery and animal life that depending on the situation I would later add voice over narration or Puppet Hound Z on screen talking (via green screen).

During my filming I tripped and fell on one shot at Hermits Rest and nearly broke my ankle. It got scrapped up pretty bad and filming slowed down a bit but I was able to get the footage I wanted.


After our trip I took all the footage around over two hours worth and put it on my computer and reviewed ever shot for a few months. Then in September/October 2013 I planned a weekend to film all my green screen footage. This was all film in a single day around 3 hours of work with the filming/grip assistance of NoCookies4You  a good friend of mine that you can see in some of my videos and Behind the Scenes episodes.

I also started work on the announcement video that would announce the release of the episode along with give the channel a much needed news update and shout out for a friends video game that he's working on. Which was a whole other video on its own which included green screen footage and more.

Then I spent the next six month editing the Grand Canyon video every weekend for around 1-3 hours or more. I recorded voice over narration and some times I even had to re-record dialogue for green screen or on location shots that had incorrect facts or grammar (All this can be seen in the Behind the Scene episode of the Grand Canyon Adventure episode). I was getting very close to finishing the episode at the time but there were many shots that I wasn't happy with along with a few unique shots I feel I could do better or include into the film. The film at it's current state was around 15 minutes. I also was able to created the Behind the Scenes episode that shows how the video is made in detail with commentary by myself.

Production Reshoot:

Then on April of 2014 I realized that I could take another trip to the canyon. I then planned to re-film certain locations to get better scenic shots, more unique animals and location that I missed, epecially since I injured myself on my first trip and taking care of myself became the priority over that trip. I would now get the missing footage that I missed or messed up. We filmed there on location again for another two days.


When I got home I had another two hours of footage that would need to be sifted through to make the episode around 15 minutes. I was gratefully able to completely replace a large number of lackluster shots and and repetitive shots with more variety.

I then started more post production. I stabilized close to all of the shots that are moving in the final cut so that they would be very cinematic and smooth moving. Also I enhanced each and every shot with better contrast, lighting and color enhancement so that each shot has consistency and pop with color. I also had to re-correct dialogue and even re-record the announcement video with certain dialogue so that everything was consistent.

When I was happy with the film in June/July 2014 I started rendering the videos. I ran into issues with miss-spelled text and a few historical facts that were not correct. I had to re-dub the incorrect voice overs and correct the text in the video. This happened about 7 times as I rendered the video and found mistakes.

Then after that I uploaded all the videos half way through July and now you're able to see the videos!

[Update 8/31/2014: Here are the Behind the Scenes in video form check it out!]

I hope this give you all a big of insight of how the videos are made and how much work went specifically into this video. The Bloopers or Behind the Scenes video shares some of the details from this long blog article visually as well. Enjoy and I hope to bring you all more videos as soon as I can.

Regard and thanks to all my viewers,

Kaleb Fabsik
Creator, Actor, Filmer, Producer and all of the Above of the Puppet Hound Z Show
aka. Announcer guy

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