What is the Puppet Hound Z Show?

Puppet Hound Z is a fun and loving puppet dog who enjoys sharing his favorite things with families and friends. He love to share things like, cool travel locations, video games, which include reviews/commentaries and interviews, PC tutorial tips to run a fast computer, parodies along with anything else he thinks is fun to share with families and people of all ages.

On this website you can get news updates on: Puppet Hound Z YouTube episodes, exclusive interviews with Little Big Planet Creators, cool news articles written by: Announcer guy, the creator of the Puppet Hound Z Show, and even cool research that both Z and Announcer guy want to share with you the reader of this page.

All content featured on this website is designed with a families in mind so that parents and there children can enjoy a safe haven of learning about video games and other fun adventures.

By the way if you're wondering where I've been read this article: Where is Puppet Hound Z? Will there be more episodes? and more questions!

Check out the Puppet Hound Z websites:

YouTube Channel (Contains two different URLs):
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Little Big Planet 2 profile page:
Puppet Hound Z's Little Big Planet Profile